Carefully Introducing Tech Talent in Georgia

IT Staffing in Georgia

ProFocus carefully introduces technology professionals to hiring managers in Georgia. Built on decades of experience in both staffing and technology, ProFocus Technology is a staffing and consulting company specializing in delivering first-class talent for key roles in development, deployment, and maintenance of software and infrastructure.

ProFocus provides technology staffing services in Georgia including these cities:

  • Augusta-Richmond County
  • Columbus
  • Atlanta

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Why Work with ProFocus?


ProFocus has a quality strategy that benefits both hiring managers and job seekers. We carefully learn the details of what hiring managers need.

At the same time, we take the time to learn job seekers’ career goals. Then we put these two together to only make careful matches between hiring managers and job seekers. This makes for a better experience for all involved, including saving everyone time.

We get to know our consultants and clients. We consider this to be critical to our quality of service, and a key element to the success of our company.

Our reputation is very important to us and we will make sure things work out for you in order to uphold it.


13 Days Faster

Candidate starts compared to our competition


2x the Fill Rate

Jobs that we fill over the industry average


3 Resumes

Average resumes we send. Industry sends over 11

Our Specialties

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain
IT Infrastructure, Data Center, Cloud, and IT Security
Corporate Applications and ERP Software Teams
Technology Product Engineering
Software Development and Engineering
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Our Services

Contract IT Staffing

Companies use our contract IT staffing services to add technology professionals to their teams for a long or short-term period of time.

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Contract IT Consulting

Contract IT consulting provides consultants who bring in high levels of expertise to guide initiatives and transfer knowledge.

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Contract-to-Hire IT Staffing

ProFocus provides a contract technology professional and the client can hire after they have proven themselves on the job.

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Direct Hire IT Staffing

ProFocus provides candidates for a client’s open position. The client hires one of the candidates and pays a placement fee.

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Statement of Work (SOW)

ProFocus completes projects or manages responsibilities for a client company according to an SOWÂ contract.

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IT Staffing for Contract Teams

ProFocus provides a team of contract technology professionals to focus on a specific project or responsibility.

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When a client wants to work with a professional but not hire them as a regular employee, ProFocus can provide them on a contract basis.

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Managed Services

ProFocus provides managed services to focus on specific projects or initiatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a staffing agency in Georgia?

Search for a staffing agency by location and industry first. Some staffing companies, like ProFocus, specialize in specific types of positions. For example, ProFocus specializes in technology roles.

Next look at the reviews, ratings and testimonials from their clients, temporary workers, and internal employees.

Watch out for scams. You should never have to pay to work with a staffing agency. Reputable staffing agencies are paid by companies, not by job seekers.

Don’t forget to ask questions about what kinds of employment they offer. Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, you need to know whether they offer temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent jobs—or all three like ProFocus.

What does a staffing company do?

Staffing companies provide a service to companies to help them secure the talent they need to fill positions, complete projects, and complete work. The services are provided on a temporary or contract basis, on a temporary-to-hire or contract-to-hire basis, or as a direct hire placement. With the temporary or contract services, the staffing company hires the employee as an employee of the staffing firm, and then provides the employee to client companies to complete projects and other work. With the direct hire service, the staffing company recruits a candidate for a client company, the client company hires the candidate directly as a regular employee, and the client company pays the staffing firm a placement fee.

How does a staffing company make money?

Staffing companies charge client companies an hourly rate for the time worked by the staffing company’s employees who are performing work for the client as temporary or contract employees. The staffing company makes money by charging a higher rate than their costs of providing the service which include payroll, payroll taxes, benefits paid to the temporary or contract employee. The temporary and contract employees are paid a fair wage, and the client company pays the additional costs.

In some cases, the client company pays a placement fee and hires the employee directly as a regular employee of the company. This is called Direct Hire.

How do you recruit top talent?

ProFocus always has a strong network of technology professionals we have relationships with who are in different stages of being open to new opportunities. Tapping this network is our first method of recruiting.

In addition, this network is constantly referring new technology professionals to us. We also reach out to this network when we are seeking specialized resources, and that will yield additional targeted referrals.

We also research to find candidates who are ideal candidates for our client’s positions, and we proactively reach out to them to engage them and share the opportunity that is open. Next, we follow up and follow through…

Supporting these efforts is a very strong brand with high ratings and reviews. This reputation has been earned by providing exceptional service to our candidates. Tech professionals also appreciate that our team understands technology. Another factor that candidates appreciate is that we provide a very high level of benefits for our consultants including special extras such as education reimbursement, ProFocus paid disability and life insurance, and 401(k) with match.

Why do companies hire through a staffing agency?

There are three main reasons companies us a staffing agency. They are Flexibility, Speed, and Access to Talent, and Knowledge Transfer.

Companies benefit from the flexibility of temporary and contract employees because they do not have to make a long term commitment. In technology, companies have projects that need specialized talent to execute. The company knows that the project will one day be complete, and contract roles can be ended to coincide with the completion of the work.

Companies benefit from Speed because staffing companies can much more rapidly provide the talent that is needed. The staffing company’s current networks of candidates, combined with its systems for engaging talent are highly effective and fast.

Companies benefit from the Access to Talent because staffing companies can provide candidates of a much higher caliber and better match than the client company can find on their own.

Companies benefit from Knowledge Transfer because contract technology professionals often bring in specialized skills and best practices that can be shared with the client’s regular employees. This knowledge transfer provides lasting value to the client company.

I have been a contractor for 20 years and they are the best I have had, or even heard of.

Mark M.

Contract Senior Network and Systems Administrator, ProFocus Technology