Statement of Work (SOW)

ProFocus completes projects or manages responsibilities for a client company according to a Statement of Work contract. The project sizes can range from one consultant to large teams.

The work is done with a Professional Services Agreement and a Statement of Work (SOW) that defines the purpose, scope of the work, location of the work, timelines, project-specific activities, deliverables, special requirements, etc.

How It Works

Contract professionals usually work on-site at the client location on a 40-hour per week basis.  They can also work remotely, on part-time schedules, or on-demand.

Most engagements of contract professionals are 6-24 months long, but can also be significantly longer.

ProFocus hires the technology professionals and makes them a team member of ProFocus and then provides them to companies on a services basis with hourly billing.

Examples of SOW Projects

  • ProFocus helped a software company to upgrade an iOS application to the latest technology and added new features to the app.
  • ProFocus rolled out a single instance of Jira with an Elasticsearch plug-in across an entire healthcare organization including multiple regions.
  • ProFocus helped a scientific instrumentation company develop dynamic data visualization graphics using JavaScript and D3 for a scientific application.

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