What lies ahead for the

Silicon Slopes in 2024?

Local professionals weigh
in on the local Utah tech scene.
Portland 2023 Tech Trends Report

Read the ProFocus Technology annual tech trends report.

2024 marks a year of innovation and resilience in the Silicon Slopes, with
leaders expressing optimism amidst challenges. The focus is on navigating economic uncertainties, leveraging technological advancements, and fostering growth.

ProFocus Technology is proud to launch the 2nd annual Utah tech trends report (check out the 2023 report here). Thanks to our engaged tech community, we’re able to share a peek at what’s ahead for local employers and tech professionals in 2024. The report gives us a quick pulse on the local tech scene’s talent strategies, alignment on business priorities, economic outlook, hybrid work trends, and more key insights. Download the 2024 report here.

Highlights and hot topics.

These are just a few issues important to tech professionals in this year’s report:

Sustainable growth strategies

53% of Utah tech leaders expect an increase in revenue

Tech employees looking to leave

42% of contributors are actively looking or open to a new job

Enterprise vs. small firms

57% of Utah firms have plans to upskill their tech teams in 2024

 Balancing burnout

Concerns about burnout and longer hours remain, but 95% praise firms on work-life balance

ProFocus Technology - Portland Tech Trends 2022
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