Portland Tech in Focus: 2021 Trends Report

An Optimistic Outlook

From Zoom fatigue to long hours, working in tech right now brings its own set of challenges. And yet, there’s no shortage of innovation and opportunity in Portland.

In this report, ProFocus Technology takes a closer look at how workplace practices, budgets, and cultures are lining up for 2021 and beyond. Find out what your peers think about the future of our sector in our city.

Key Trends and Topics

  • What are hiring and wage predictions for direct and contract staff?
  • How far along local firms are in adopting innovative technology
  • What indicators suggest a local economic recovery is in progress?
  • How remote work is dramatically shifting the talent landscape
  • Where small firms are excelling compared to larger counterparts
  • Whether IT and the business are fully aligned on tech priorities
  • Why it’s critical to invest in culture and team building

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