Our Unique Approach to Technology Staffing

Only careful introductions by people who understand technology.

Fewer Introductions, Better Candidates

Our unique business approach means we only introduce a small number of on-target candidates.

We Specialize in Technology

We only do one thing – technology – resulting in better candidate matches for clients and a better experience for consultants.

We Are Analysts of Tech Job Roles

We understand technologies, tech skills, job roles, team dynamics, pay levels, talent availability, and more.

Need Talent?

We have the right talent for your project or team. Tell us about your needs.

The IT Staffing Industry Has a Problem

More than 90% of IT hiring managers believe technology staffing companies send too many poorly matched candidates for their openings. ProFocus is solving this problem with a business model built from the ground up to only introduce on-target candidates.

In Our Quality Business Model, we strive to achieve a lean quality process as close to this ideal as possible:


One Job Order

When our client has a need for talent, we strive to learn their needs in detail by understanding the role, team culture, and tech skills required.


One Candidate

We turn to our network of talent to introduce on-target candidates. We have thorough screening processes and close relationships with talent.


One Job Offer

We communicate clear job role and pay expectations with candidates in advance so they are prepared to accept an offer when extended.


One Engagement

We stay in touch with both the client and candidate throughout the engagement to make sure things are going smoothly.

Award-Winning Services

Awarded Best in Staffing for Client Satisfaction, ProFocus helps companies customize business applications, develop software, manage their IT Infrastructure, and design and engineer technology products.  We integrate individuals and teams into our clients’ workforce through SOW and IT Staffing.

Our competitive advantage is our strict approach to quality service including only carefully introducing technology professionals that are a correct match for our clients.

Contract IT Staffing

Companies use our contract IT staffing services to add technology professionals to their teams for a long or short-term period of time.

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Contract IT Consulting

Contract IT consulting provides consultants who bring in high levels of expertise to guide initiatives and transfer knowledge.

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Contract-to-Hire IT Staffing

ProFocus provides a contract technology professional and the client can hire after they have proven themselves on the job.

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Direct Hire IT Staffing

ProFocus provides candidates for a client’s open position.  The client hires one of the candidates and pays a placement fee.

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Offshore & Nearshore Teams

Leverage global talent with our Offshore & Nearshore Teams service, connecting you to dedicated teams and round-the-clock productivity.

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Statement of Work (SOW)

ProFocus completes projects or manages responsibilities for a client company according to an SOW contract.

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IT Staffing for Contract Teams

A ProTeam allows the customer to own direct oversight of the organization or system being managed and ProFocus delivers the services with a highly skilled team.

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When a client wants to work with a professional but not hire them as a regular employee, ProFocus can provide them on a contract basis.

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Managed Services

ProFocus provides managed services to focus on specific projects or initiatives.

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Offshore & Nearshore Staffing

ProFocus provides Offshore & Nearshore solutions to scale your workforce with cost-effective, specialized talent tailored to your needs.

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Our Customers Love Us

“ProFocus is the reason that I was able to hire so aggressively at Walmart Labs.”

-Tyler Eastman, Former Engineering Manager, Walmart Labs

“…Ethical, performance oriented, and outstanding at their craft…I promoted them to Tier 1 vendor status…They were great business partners…”

-Ben Gahlsdorf, Technical Recruiting Lead, Con-Way

“…Ethical, performance oriented, and outstanding at their craft…I promoted them to Tier 1 vendor status…They were great business partners…”

-Ben Gahlsdorf, Technical Recruiting Lead, Con-Way

“ProFocus is great to work with. They take the time to understand the requirements and recommend great talent! Thank you!

– Kavita T., Director of Engineering

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