IT Staffing for Contract Teams

Dedicated team of technology professionals for a project or responsibility

Entire Teams Available

Complete a Project

ProFocus can provide an entire team for a project. For example, for a software development project, we can provide a Project Manager, Architect, Systems Analyst, Software Developers, and Software Quality professionals to work together to complete the project.

Manage a Function

ProFocus offers services to outsource an IT function.  ProFocus provides an IT Manager with expertise in the function and the appropriate additional team members needed to manage the function on an ongoing basis. For instance, for an Applications Management function, ProFocus can provide an Applications Manager, a Project Manager with business analyst skills, a SysAdmin, two support representatives, and a software developer.

Team Management

Typically, these teams report into the client’s reporting structure just as their current teams do.  For example, the Project Manager of our team could work directly with an IT Director who manages other project teams.

ProFocus will stay close to make sure the project is on track and step in and make any team additions or changes necessary as the project continues.

Why Use ProFocus For Teams?

  • Single supplier responsibility for the project or responsibility
  • The size of the team can be scaled up or down as needed over time
  • Single point of contact for the client
  • Easy contracting with a single SOW that can easily be extended or renewed as necessary

Fixed Capacity Teams

ProFocus can provide a team of professionals on a fixed capacity.  For example, teams of 5, 10, or 20 software developers.  This is usually set up as a Statement of Work for Fixed Capacity where ProFocus commits to keeping the staffing level at a certain number of contract consultants.

Over time, resources will inevitably roll off the team, but ProFocus will find a replacement to keep the team at the appropriate size.  The SOWs are usually for one year which makes it easy to continue an ongoing partnership since the SOW can be extended at the end of the period.  Teams can be at the client’s location or off-site.

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