Case Study:

Contract Software Engineers Deliver Critical Applications

The Challenge

Behind On Deadlines

Our client was striving to keep up with the organization’s demands for front-end development. The team was under pressure and stress to get all the work done.

Poorly Matched Candidates

Their current staffing providers were unable to deliver. The client was wasting time interviewing developers who were not a technical fit. Work was piling up.

Missed Revenue Generation

These applications were critical to the company. They provided critical functionality for revenue generation.

Our Client’s Business Problem

A major manufacturing company in the Portland, Oregon area engaged ProFocus to provide skilled visual front-end JavaScript engineering services to augment their internal team.

ProFocus’ contractors would be able to help our client’s team rapidly develop user interfaces for an interactive configurator application that placed internal and customer-facing end users at the center of all IT-related processes and products.

The ideal candidate for our client would be able to effectively contribute to the development of consistent and reusable design patterns. The candidate would be able to develop web applications in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. These applications would work with backend technologies including Java and .NET.

The ProFocus Approach & Solution

Client First

ProFocus met with the client and learned the details of the situation and what was needed in terms of technical skills, soft skills, and culture match.

Job Analysis

ProFocus analyzed the experience needed and team culture to help guide the search and selection of candidates.

Deep Network

ProFocus team members reached out to their deep network of local talent and identified multiple developers that were good matches.

Highly Vetted Candidates

ProFocus carefully vetted candidates. Only candidates who passed the rigorous vetting and were deemed to be an excellent candidate were introduced to the client.


We started a partnership with ProFocus…and have been very pleased with the service, the quality, the professionalism, and the attention to the needs of our business that [the ProFocus] team provide. It is a very personalized approach and the quality of candidates has been exceptional. If you are looking for a great, local IT staffing firm, I highly recommend ProFocus.

Manager, Large Corporation with HQ in Portland, Oregon

Case Study Results

The ProFocus developers exceeded the client’s expectations in helping move forward with their projects.

ProFocus consultants made a big difference in the team’s ability to deliver the critical applications the client needs to run its business.

All the developers who started the project with the client stayed the entire contract through the successful completion, helping the client deliver top-notch applications.