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Portland 2023 Tech Trends Report

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Coming off of a rebound year, near-term business prospects remain positive for Utah firms—despite economic uncertainty—and long-term prospects even more so. But tech talent shortages still loom large. Firms are faced with tough choices about investment priorities, compensation strategies, and work-life support.

ProFocus Technology is proud to launch the Utah tech trends report to share the opinions and insights of tech leaders and professionals on critical issues for local firms. Explore data on a range of core metrics, cultural assessments, and career preferences.

Highlights and hot topics.

These are just a few issues important to tech professionals in this year’s report:

Sustainable growth strategies

Revenue and headcount are up, but finding talent is still a huge challenge

Tech employees looking to leave

58% of contributors are actively looking or open to a new job

Enterprise vs. small firms

Larger firms’ efforts on compensation and culture leave much to be desired

 Burnout or business as usual

Concerns about burnout and longer hours remain, but firms rate high on work-life balance

ProFocus Technology - Portland Tech Trends 2022
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