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“The ProFocus team was very supportive, responsive, and persistent throughout the entire process of helping me to hone in on the right technical candidate for our open Lead Software Engineering position. They took the time needed to meet with me to have a deep understanding of what I was looking for, and did a great job of saving me a lot of time by screening candidates and only passing along to me high-quality, good-fit candidates. I would definitely choose to work with ProFocus again next time I need to do a technical hire.”
Joseph H.

ProFocus Client

“As a hiring manager, I am very selective about which recruitment agencies I work with. I find that with most recruitment agencies, more often than not I receive a high quantity of somewhat qualified, to completely unqualified candidates, which is a huge time-sink for me and my team to then have to find out in a phone screen or, at worst, the interview, that the candidate in question really is not at all who we were looking for, and should have been turned away much earlier in the process. With ProFocus, I know that their team is well trained with the latest trends in the industry, and understands enough about the candidates’ skill sets in order to ensure that the candidates they send to hiring managers are the best possible fit for the job. ProFocus is the reason that I was able to hire so aggressively at Walmart Labs. I have worked with ProFocus both as a hiring manager, and as a job seeker, and I consider them to be the gold standard of recruitment agencies in the PNW and beyond.”
Tyler Eastman

Former Engineering Manager, Walmart Labs

“I have been a contractor for 20 years and they are the best I have had, or even heard of.”
Mark M.

Contract Senior Network and Systems Administrator, ProFocus Technology

“Spent time to meet with me up front and understand who I am, what I was looking for and where I might be a good fit. Unlike many others I worked with, ProFocus really cared about getting the right fit for my next job.”
Glassdoor Review

Contract Software Developer, ProFocus Technology

“…Ethical, performance oriented, and outstanding at their craft… I promoted them to Tier 1 vendor status… They were great business partners…”
Ben Gahlsdorf

Technical Recruiting Lead, Con-Way

“Great at finding top-notch candidates.”
Client Survey

Client Manager, ProFocus Client

“I have been working IT Project Management Contracts for much of the past decade, and have worked with some of the biggest names in the business. None of those experiences has been better than working with ProFocus Technology. From day one I have been impressed with many aspects of our relationship, notably professionalism, communication, knowledge of the market, understanding of target client companies, responsiveness.”
Evan S.

Contract Senior Project Manager, ProFocus Technology

“Great to work with. You take the time to understand the requirements and recommend great talent! Thank you!”
Client Survey

Client Manager, ProFocus Client

“ProFocus is great to work with. They take the time to understand the requirements and recommend great talent! Thank you!”
Kavita T.

Director of Engineering, ProFocus Client

“What really sets them apart is that their recruiters are knowledgeable about the jobs they connect you with – I dealt with several other companies during my job hunt and ProFocus’ technical knowledge across the entire team was unparalleled.”
Richard B.

Contract Web Applications Developer, ProFocus Technology

“They took the time to understand my unique skill set and placed me in a wonderful position that is mutually beneficial to both my client and me!”
Nancy M.

Contract Business Analyst, ProFocus Technology

“I have worked with a number of staffing companies over the years as both a client and a consultant. I have to say that ProFocus is at the top of pile. They spent a lot of time and effort finding a placement that really fit my talents. No square peg treatment here. The position they found for me fit like a glove. ProFocus people are professional (important) and really nice (even more important). They always answered my questions and went above and beyond to try and make my experience as good as it could be. I have nothing but gratitude for the way I was treated and would encourage anyone to work with ProFocus. You won’t be sorry.”
Eric A.

Contract Business Analyst, ProFocus Technology

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