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Is It Time to Regulate Internet Advertising?

The world runs on advertising. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’m no historian, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people posted little “help wanted” or “chain mail suit for sale (almost brand new!)” type classified ads on the sides of buildings, all the way back in the...

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How Code Goes Bad

I came across this interesting article about how easily software code can transform from the cleanest, slickest code this side of codemonkey Shangri-La, into a giant mess of spaghetti code that becomes a nightmare for the poor code monkey who has to inherit it and...

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Has the Post-PC World Arrived Yet?

A few years before Steve Jobs passed away, he theorized in an interview that society is on the verge of living in a post-PC era. In the interview below, he likens it to the way consumers used to purchase automobiles. Back around the turn of the early twentieth...

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How Data Lakes Help Break Down Silos

If there’s one problem every modern IT organization struggles with, it’s the problem of data silos. Take a typical sales department. If you were the vice president of the sales department in your organization, you’d want to make sure all your leads, customer...

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Can Developers Manage?

I recently had lunch with a fellow software developer at work, and we got into an interesting conversation about his latest trials and tribulations as a technical team lead. To protect the innocent, let’s call this coworker “Fred”. I’ve known Fred for many years, and...

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Why Continuous Delivery Is So Important

If there’s one thing a software developer absolutely hates, it’s tedious repetitive tasks. That’s what I was suffering from during my most recent greenfield software development project. After several intensive months of endless meetings, analysis and project...

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The Code Archaeologist

I fell in love with the idea of archaeology, probably like many other kids my age, when Harrison Ford first donned his famous fedora and bullwhip in the first Indiana Jones movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Mild-mannered professor of archaeology at a prestigious...

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How To Survive a Layoff

There are some major life-changing events that every adult, at some point in their lives, may have to deal with. Getting married, getting divorced, dealing with a death in the family, getting a new job, and unfortunately the painful experience of getting laid off....

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How Developers Can Stay Marketable

It’s a good time to be a software developer. The demand for software developers seems insatiable. There aren’t many other professions I can think of where potential employers and headhunters go out of their way to find YOU. Yet it happens all the time to myself and my...

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Where Does Microsoft Want to Go Today?

I’m a little worried about the future of Microsoft. This one story detailed how Delta Airlines, starting in early 2018, plans to replace all of their Windows smartphones and Microsoft Surface tablet devices with iPhones and iPads for their 23,000 flight attendant...

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You Ain’t Gonna Need It, Seriously

Ask any software developer what they detest the most about brownfield software projects, (projects that they inherited from a previous developer or set of developers, and not originally designed by the person inheriting the project), and it’s a safe bet they’ll say...

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The Application Security Gap

If you work in an office environment, tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re issued a computer for your everyday tasks. And on your first day of employment, you’re also issued a corporate e-mail address and a login ID. Your e-mail address is the official address that...

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