12 Tech Trends to Watch in 2024

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In the technology landscape, being at the forefront isn’t just a choice—it’s essential. Next year Gartner predicts an 8.8% increase in spending on software, hardware, IT services, and emerging technologies. Staying relevant is the name of the game in tech and these days that means constantly learning, unlearning, and relearning new skills.

We’ve highlighted the top 12 current and emerging tech trends set to make waves next year and beyond– where do you see the potential to level up your game?

  1. Generative-AI:

Leading the list is Generative AI, a groundbreaking technology revolutionizing content creation in various industries. From AI Researcher to AI Ethics Consultant, mastering Generative AI opens doors to exciting roles, shaping how we interact with and create in the digital landscape.

  1. Computing Power:

Get ready for 6G which will put more power in our devices and more devices in our hands. The more computing power our devices will need, the more IT teams we’ll need. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) emerges as a crucial skill in this area, providing pathways to roles like Data Scientist and AI Engineer.

  1. Smart(er) Devices:

Smarter devices powered by artificial intelligence continue to redefine our lives. From IT Managers to Automation Engineers, professionals proficient in managing these devices are in high demand, ensuring seamless integration into our digital spaces.

  1. Datafication:

Datafication transforms human tasks into data-driven technologies, creating a demand for IT professionals, data scientists, and engineers. Careers like Big Data Engineers and Business Intelligence Analysts thrive in an era where data is the backbone of innovation. Since data jobs are so skilled-based, any technology professional can get certified in data-related specializations to find a new career pathway.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning:

AI, machine learning, and automation are expected to generate 9% of new job opportunities in the US, according to Forrester. AI will play a pivotal role in analyzing interactions, uncovering connections, and providing insights. Understanding machine learning algorithms, proficient use of deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, and expertise in natural language processing (NLP) are highly valuable skills. New jobs emerge in development, programming, testing, support, and maintenance.

  1. Extended Reality:

Extended Reality, from Virtual to Augmented Reality, captivates industries like gaming, medicine, and retail. Professions in AR/VR Support Engineering and Creative Direction emerge, driven by the desire to break away from traditional boundaries.

  1. 3D Printing:

Innovation meets technology with 3D printing, impacting industries like healthcare and data. Jobs such as 3D Printer Engineer and Organ & Prosthetic Designer showcase the diversity and global reach of this emerging trend.

  1. New Energy Solutions:

The push towards greener choices propels careers in new energy solutions. Specialists in Solar Plant Design Energy and Renewable Energy Technologists contribute to a sustainable future.

  1. Edge Computing:

Edge computing aims to address issues related to latency induced by cloud computing and the time taken to transfer data to a centralized data center for processing. Keeping pace with cloud advancements opens avenues for varied roles – watch for jobs like Cloud Reliability Engineer and DevOps Cloud Engineer.

  1. Quantum Computing:

The global quantum computing market is projected to generate over $2.5 billion dollars in revenue by 2029. Quantum Computing, with its unparalleled speed, finds applications in healthcare, finance, and beyond. Proficiency in quantum mechanics and machine learning opens doors to roles that drive innovation.

  1. Blockchain:

Blockchain as an immutable chain of data—you can add to it, but altering or removing past entries is impossible. That’s what makes a “chain” so incredibly secure. Its applications extend far beyond cryptocurrencies, providing heightened security in various scenarios.

Venturing into the realm of blockchain requires hands-on expertise in programming languages, a solid grasp of OOPS fundamentals, familiarity with flat and relational databases, an understanding of data structures, proficiency in web app development, and knowledge of networking. As blockchain seamlessly integrates into diverse industries, roles like Tech Architect and Crypto Community Manager are emerging, offering exciting opportunities for those diving into this revolutionary technology.

  1. Cyber Security:

Threats are constantly evolving, and new technology is constantly being adapted to enhance security. Hence, cyber security remains a vital trend. Ethical Hackers, Malware Analysts, and Security Engineers play crucial roles in safeguarding against evolving threats.

As we head into 2024 the imperative to stay at the forefront of technology becomes more apparent than ever. With Gartner predicting a substantial increase in spending on emerging technologies, the need for continuous learning and adaptation is undeniable.  From the transformative power of Generative AI to the pivotal role of cybersecurity in safeguarding our digital realms, these trends open doors to a spectrum of new roles and opportunities to learn. Embrace the wave of change, upskill in key areas, and position yourself not just to navigate, but to thrive, as the future of technology unfolds. What will be your next breakthrough?

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