Long-Term Results From Short-Term IT Contractors

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The majority of the IT contractors we place prefer to be on temporary, rather than permanent, placement. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to feel that they are a valued contributor and member of your team. They’re on contract because they truly enjoy the work and rewards that come with contract projects! Here are some things you can do to help them continue to feel rewarded for the contributions they make at your organization:

Give them the history.

Temporary consultants don’t have the same perspective or long-time knowledge of your company as your full-time team. They’re usually brought on board to complete a specific project, but they don’t know how or why this project became a priority in the first place. If you give them some background and details, it will help them to feel more invested, and more likely to help you achieve the goals of the project because they’ll better understand exactly what they are.

Take them through orientation.

Because most of our consultants are temporary, many companies may decide not to take them through a typical new employee orientation process. Of course, it depends upon each individual hiring situation…. but if they understand the company mission and values, where to find things in the office, and general policies, they’re going to be able to contribute much more efficiently. You may also consider assigning a mentor or colleague, who they can ask any questions and get updates from, without feeling like they need to wait until a supervisor is available.

Build a connection.

Get to know who they are! Ask questions about their personal life and family. Take them to lunch and write them thank you notes. Help them to feel a bond with you and your our team. And share about yourself with them as well! This is an important part of connecting with your team. When you treat them like they’re one of you and they’ll be more likely to act that way! This will create a sense of belonging and loyalty that will make them work harder to help you and the whole team succeed.

Communicate well.

It’s not unusual for our contractors to find that they weren’t copied on emails or invited to company meetings. Remember, they’re starting out at the disadvantage of not having inside knowledge of things, so don’t make it worse! Make sure to include them in your company communications, invite them to staff gatherings, and update them on any big changes so that they know the details and tactics that will help your organization reach its goals.

Offer quick feedback.

Many of our consultants won’t have the same opportunity for regular employee reviews, so it’s important to give them clear and consistent expectations – and then offer feedback on that much more quickly. Give them praise right away, and offer what could be done better too! Be specific and tell them why. Show them how the results of their work, and tell them if it was effective (or not) and how.

Give them exciting projects.

One of the biggest reasons our consultants prefer temporary work is that they get to be a part of new, cutting edge work. Open up new opportunities and challenging projects – and even help them learn new skills, if needed, to do it well. Just because they’re temporary, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in their success. IT contractors are more likely to quickly and immediately implement the new skills they learn at your organization, so their success is yours too.

With a highly competitive tech talent market, retaining and motivating your employees can be difficult. ProFocus recognizes the need for a thorough, hands-on staffing partner that understands the technical and cultural fit of your team.

Give us a call and we can help you find IT Contractors that are motivated to do well on a temporary placement with your team. Or for more resources visit our website: https://www.profocustechnology.com/resources/

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