10 Reasons Technology Professionals Would Rather Work on Contract

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It may be surprising that the majority of our IT contractors don’t want permanent placement! Some people outside the industry misunderstand and think that contractors work on temporary projects because they can’t find permanent work, or as a short-term solution to unemployment. IT workers, however, are in high demand and getting work isn’t the issue. They’re on contract because they truly enjoy the nature of this kind of work. Here’s 10 reasons why our IT consultants want to stay on contract:

Better pay.

Most contract work gets a higher hourly pay than a typical salaried job. Plus you get paid for every hour! Regular salaried jobs don’t get paid for the extra work you do beyond 40 hours.

Fun projects.

Our consultants tell us that the best part of being on contract is that they get to work on more exciting and impressive projects. It’s often new, cutting edge work that they’re part of, while long term employees are stuck doing the maintenance work.

No politics.

Because you’re there only to for the duration of the project you’re hired for, you can completely avoid any office politics. There’s nobody you have to impress to get promoted, there’s no competition for anything because you’re simply there to get one job done. Consultants get to fly over the politics, it’s just not their worry.

More variety.

When you’re a consultant on contract work, you consequently get a lot more exposure to new and diverse projects. You’ll also meet a lot of different people, at a variety of organizations, and experience various cultures and environments. This also gives you a wider breadth of connections and experience for your resume.

Your choice of work.

As a contract IT professional, you choose your projects and assignments that sound interesting to you. You can turn down any project you don’t want.

Vacation on your terms.

As a contract consultant, you can schedule the projects around your vacation, or take a longer vacation break in between projects. This allows you to fit the work around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

New Technologies.

Contract consultants are usually the workers that get projects involving the latest technologies and innovative initiatives. Permanent employees usually get stuck with out of date work that doesn’t inspire creativity or excitement in their daily grind.

Singular Focus

When you’re hired for one specific project, you actually get to focus on that one job!  Permanent employees are often torn between a bunch of different duties and responsibilities, which can quickly lead to burnout. As a contract consultant, you won’t have the same distractions.

Increased satisfaction.

Contract work matches what our consultants like to do most – projects!  Permanent IT staff is typically involved in longer term ongoing things that never end. Our IT contractors love the satisfaction and clarity of completion, and feel a better sense of accomplishment when the project is done.

Rapid advancement of skills.

Because there’s more opportunities to learn, and you’re working on newer technologies, you’ll therefore gain skills quickly. This makes you more and more hirable after each project, putting you in even higher demand and warranting increased pay.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages that our IT Consultants enjoy in their project-based work. If you’re an IT contractor that’s been considering contract work, give ProFocus a call and schedule an appointment with one of our Recruiters today!

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