6 Ways to Speed Up IT Contractor Hiring – and Get the Best Contractors

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We’ve noticed that clients of ours that are getting the best IT Contractors are the ones that are hiring quicker. This is because the best contract candidates are in demand and getting snapped up by someone fast. Speed is the key. You need to move faster in the hiring process if you want a chance of getting the best IT Contractors. Here are some tips that will help you speed up the process in your organization:

Accelerate time between every step.
You simply just don’t have as much time to linger at each step, so move as quickly as possible through them. As soon as a contract staffing company like ProFocus submits a candidate to you, the clock is ticking. Prioritize the email and read it immediately! If you let that email sit for a day or two, your opportunity might already be gone. Move fast and request an interview right away, if possible the next day! If you have multiple interviews, keep the schedule tight.

Have fewer steps.
We’ve found that the best practice is to make it a condensed 2-step interview process. Having too many steps is a problem because it will stretch out the length of time to offer, and your top candidate might get a competitive bid before you’ve even had a chance to finish the interview process. We typically recommend that you first schedule a phone interview, and then schedule an in-person interview shortly thereafter.

Include all necessary parties early.
If there are 3 or 4 people that need to meet the candidate, make sure to schedule it all on the same day. If you follow our suggested 2-step interview process, then all necessary interviewers should be at that in-person second interview. If they can’t be there, see if you can swing by and make an introduction before or after.

Be prepared to make an offer quickly.
Decide in advance the range and scope of what you’re willing to offer, and then make arrangements so that you can decide on your final candidates quickly. At the end of a day of interviews, for example, schedule a meeting with everyone involved in selection process, so you can get all necessary input all at once. If you have multiple candidates, schedule them as tightly together as possible so that you remember them each clearly. If a decision maker is going to be out of the office on vacation, don’t let that hold things up. Make whatever preparations you need to let staffing company know as soon as possible.

Don’t have a permanent hiring mindset.
Remember that these are contract roles, and it’s the primary reason that the whole process should go quicker in the first place! They’re not permanent employees, and so your organization doesn’t have the same obligations. You’ll be able observe your contract professional on the job and can replace them more easily should they not be a good fit.

Prearrange interview slots.
Preset interview times and days, and let your IT staffing firm just send over names and resumes of interview candidates for these prearranged slots. This is an advanced practice that many of our employer clients utilize, and it’s benefitted them greatly. The key is to trust that they’ll only fill those slots with candidates that are a good match for the position. If you can’t be confident that your IT staffing agency can do this, perhaps they aren’t the right one.

If you’re not happy with the IT Contractors you’ve had on board, let ProFocus help you hire them quickly and efficiently so that you can hire the best. We talk tech, and understand the technology roles you need help with, so call us to get a match to what you’re looking for.

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