Here’s What Millennials Want From Their Employer

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(Hint: it’s different than your hires of the past)

We know that you’re always looking at ways to attract and reward your IT employees – and you may have noticed that your tech staff is generally motivated differently than the rest of your team. You’re probably also aware that longtime team members want different things in their job and career than your millennial employees do! And millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) are now the biggest generation in the US Labor force at 35%, according to Pew Research data from the U.S. Census Bureau. You understand it’s important to build a compensation package that is attractive to potential millennial hires too. Here are some key things your millennial consultants want from their work:

Work-Life Balance

The biggest thing that we’ve seen is that millennial consultants are more interested in a job that can support their desired lifestyle. A 2016 study by Deloitte measured the millennial segment, and results showed that almost 20% of Millennials will evaluate their career opportunity by good work-life balance. This means that they’re not going to be as motivated solely by money as much as candidates in years past. They feel that work should fit into their life, not the other way around

Career Growth

Millennials get a bad rep for not having the same loyalty as previous generations. They will be more loyal, however, when they’re given a clear opportunity to contribute and track for advancement in their career. And they want to move up as quickly as possible! Interestingly though, the 2018 millennial study by Deloitte also showed that only 30-40 percent of them feel they have all the skills they’ll need for the future, so providing them solid training with consistent feedback is key. They want to be shown both opportunity and ways they can grow into leadership positions.


If you can offer projects or assignments that allow Millennials to work remotely or at their own hours this will be highly attractive. They value the ability to work on their own schedule, even for some of the time! This may be a new concept to your organization, but millennials are able to blur the lines between life and work, checking their email after hours or texting on the weekend, even coming in on Sunday to get some things done. The 9-5 concept is old fashioned to them, so find different ways to check on their progress outside of the typical time clock.

Aligned Purpose

Millennials will frequently analyze a job position before joining a team and will leave faster if it’s not a culture match. This isn’t because they’re flighty – it’s because they want to make sure it’s a good fit. This is one of the reasons they are great for temporary or to contract-to-hire assignments! They don’t just want to do a ‘job’, they want a sense of meaning and purpose in their role. In the 2018 millennial study by Deloitte, they said they want their employers to be “proactive about making a positive impact in society.” So, communicate your company values on a regular basis, and how your product and service is helping the world so that millennial consultants can see how it aligns with their values.


Millennials aren’t as interested in the history or legacy of your organization and care much more about the exciting new things you’re willing to embrace. It’s not that they expect the latest gizmo or even trends like a foosball table or bouncy-ball chairs. But, they do want to explore and discuss new technologies and ideas for every part of the organization. A 2016 Gallup Study showed that only 29% of millennials feel engaged at work, and when they’re not engaged they’re more likely to look for opportunities elsewhere. Involve them when you need innovative solutions, and ask them to contribute to new ways of doing business.

Millennials generally appreciate more control over their life and career, so it will benefit you to learn how you can offer this to new Millennial IT Consultants. And if you need help finding and attracting technologists, let ProFocus quickly and efficiently find the right fit for your company. We talk tech and understand the technology roles you need. Give us a call today!

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