Secret Weapons of a Top Tech Candidate

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When interviewing candidates for IT roles, it can be easy to focus on the specific technology knowledge and skills needed. But in doing so, you may overlook other qualities that make a significant contribution to getting your projects completed. We suggest to our clients that they make a list of the soft skills and values that are important in your organization or team, so that you don’t overlook them in the hiring process. In addition to your own list, here’s the secret weapons to success that we’ve seen in the best IT Contractors:

They have access to outside resources.

A consultant on contract work will often have more opportunity to work in a variety of organizations, where they’re exposed to many more projects and people. If they have mentors and past colleagues who they can tap out to for answers and advice, this means that you too have access to this wider circle of contacts and resources to get your project completed!

They’re kind and compassionate.

People enjoy working with people that are genuinely kind and empathetic, which naturally creates a more collaborative environment. When a colleague feels heard and understood, they’ll be more likely to bend over backwards to help out in a time of need. This enhances teamwork and proficiency to get tasks accomplished quickly.

They have integrity.

Integrous consultants do the things they say they will do.  Their word means something to the people they work with. They usually become role models that command respect and influence. This increases team trust and allows greater productivity as well. They’re accountable for their actions, which means they need less hands-on management and supervision. You can depend on them to get the job done.

They’re energetic.

Energy is an indication of passion and interest. They’re likely going to work faster and be more willing to find a solution to any problem that presents itself. Their energy is contagious too, so they’ll bring new life and excitement to the team. They’re almost always more engaged and find great fulfillment in the work itself.

They help others.

They think about more than what they’re responsible for, and also consider how they can help the team. They share information and best practices, and teach others as they get the job done. They’re also willing to learn from others that have strengths they don’t, and how to collaborate best together. A person that helps others will have a multiplying effect among the entire team, and often for a long time after they leave the team as well.

They have a service-oriented personality.

These types of people are always nice to have around.  They aim to please, and feel good when they’re doing good work. This nature means they’ll tend to put a lot of effort and personal drive into their projects. They have an inner desire to make those around them happy…which generally results in results.   

If you need more IT Contractors with these secret weapons, let ProFocus help you sift through the resumes and narrow down to the best fit for your project. Stop wasting time reviewing candidates that don’t match – we understand the technology roles you need help with, so call us today!

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