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Secret Weapons of a Top Tech Candidate

When interviewing candidates for IT roles, it can be easy to focus on the specific technology knowledge and skills needed. But in doing so, you may overlook other qualities that make a significant contribution to getting your projects completed. We suggest to our...

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How to Hire Great Software Developers

Hiring a great software developer is no easy task, let alone an entire team of them. There’s a war for tech talent, and in order to compete, companies looking to hire software developers need to ask themselves an important question: Is my company the kind of place...

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Why Every Company Is a Software Company

“Software is eating the world.” I seem to be hearing and seeing that expression all over the internet lately, that it’s almost sounding like meme nowadays. But it also happens to be true. Can you think of a single type of company or organization in existence today...

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The Over-Engineering Problem (and How to Avoid It)

One of my coworkers remarked recently that software engineers have an overengineering problem. What did he mean -- and how common is this problem? Let's look at what over-engineering is and why it's a problem with a real-world example we're all familiar with.  What...

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