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Coding Confidential

Psst, hey I got a little programmer secret.... Ready? I think most programmers will agree that testing your code, at least in theory, is a good idea. After all, we’ve seen the public consequences of software code that hasn’t been tested enough. The recent “heartbleed...

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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

When I was a kid, one of my favorite authors was Isaac Asimov. He is most famous for his science fiction stories about robotics and machines that could think for themselves. I still clearly remember one of his stories that still haunts me to this day. It was titled...

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Why Code Is Hard to Read

Artists work with imagery and pictures. Singers work with music and songs. Writers and poets work with the arrangement of words. Software developers work with the arrangement of computer code. That’s what we software developers deal with in our day to day activities....

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Beware the Robot Overlords

As technology continues to dominate all aspects of our life, there is a new growing concern. The age of automation. Having been a software developer for a good number of years, I am well aware of the power of technology automation. If there is one thing a computer...

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Is It Time to Regulate Internet Advertising?

The world runs on advertising. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’m no historian, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people posted little “help wanted” or “chain mail suit for sale (almost brand new!)” type classified ads on the sides of buildings, all the way back in the...

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How Code Goes Bad

I came across this interesting article about how easily software code can transform from the cleanest, slickest code this side of codemonkey Shangri-La, into a giant mess of spaghetti code that becomes a nightmare for the poor code monkey who has to inherit it and...

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Has the Post-PC World Arrived Yet?

A few years before Steve Jobs passed away, he theorized in an interview that society is on the verge of living in a post-PC era. In the interview below, he likens it to the way consumers used to purchase automobiles. Back around the turn of the early twentieth...

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How Data Lakes Help Break Down Silos

If there’s one problem every modern IT organization struggles with, it’s the problem of data silos. Take a typical sales department. If you were the vice president of the sales department in your organization, you’d want to make sure all your leads, customer...

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