Portland Work Ethic vs. the Portlandia Stereotype

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I’ve noticed a lot in the press lately about Portlanders not wanting to work very much.  Did you see the New York Times article a few weeks ago?  We’re gaining a national reputation as a place to move if you want to work part time or less.

I think this impression is a false stereotype.  In my experience, Portlanders are hard workers and want to do a good job. They want to put out great work and they want to make a difference in making their company successful.  They want to be productive and add something to the world.

It is true that people in Portland want to have a good work life balance. They will work closer to 40 hours per week than 60.  But during that 40 hours, we have a hard working culture and we’re motivated to do a great job and make our contribution count.

This holds true in the technology arena.  All over Portland, there are hard working Software Developers, Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers, IT Department team members, and other technology professionals that are hard at work doing a great job.

Portlanders are out enjoying the microbrews, trails, and cafe’s, but that is all happening after work and on weekends.  During the week they are working hard and moving their companies forward.

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