Interview Handbook: Pre & Post-Interview Checklists

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The journey from application to securing your dream role involves a series of strategic steps. Among these pivotal stages, what you do before and after your interview can make a lasting impression. In this article, we delve into the crucial aspects of pre-interview readiness and post-interview follow-up, exploring how a multi-faceted approach can enhance your chances of achieving that sought-after position. So, fasten your seatbelt as we navigate through the key ingredients that make up a winning pre-interview strategy.


  • KNOW YOUR RESUME: Be prepared to provide details about what you achieved, your responsibilities, or projects you were part of.
  • JOB DESCRIPTION REVIEW: Know how your transferable skills and experience would add value to the company and role.
  • COMPANY RESEARCH: Be prepared to speak to why you’re interested in the company and role.
  • TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH: Review new releases, terminology, and features.
  • PREPARE QUESTIONS: Write down questions to ask your interviewer. See this blog post for more about what questions to ask!
  • PRACTICE: Practice with another person and ask for their feedback. Or, record yourself answering questions and then watch it back.
  • PRE-INTERVIEW PREP CALL: This is time to ask your recruiter and the client’s account manager questions about the company and role, test your tech, practice interviewing, etc.


  • POST-INTERVIEW DEBRIEF CALL: Call your recruiter after your interview to share how the interview went, what questions you have, what it would take for you to accept a position at the company, and how this opportunity compares to others you are considering.
  • THANK YOU NOTE: Send a thank you note to your recruiter for your interviewer and the recruiter will send it to the interviewer. Include what stood out to you that has you even more excited about the role or company.
  • STAY IN TOUCH: Communicate any changes in your job search to your recruiter so they can better advocate for you. They will be providing you with feedback or next steps with our client.

Now that you have a checklist of important elements to help you get ready for your interview and stay engaged afterward, keep these insights in mind and use them to guide your strategy for your next interview.

If you’re looking for more interviewing tips, check out our Interview Handbook.


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