FAQ: What Does a Tech Staffing Company Do?

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Technology staffing companies, also known as recruitment agencies or employment firms, provide a service of matching the right job candidates to the right companies. By either working finding qualified candidates for a specific company, or representing job seekers on their hunt for an appropriate position.


Types of Placements Staffing Companies Provide
  • Contract or Temporary Basis
  • Temporary-to-hire
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Direct-hire

With the temporary or contract services, the staffing company hires the talent as an employee of the staffing firm and directs the employee to client companies to complete projects and other work. When candidates become employees of the staffing company, they are often provided consultant benefits.

With the direct hire service, the staffing company recruits a candidate for a client company from a wide talent pool by reviewing applications and screenings to find the perfect fit. Once the client company and the candidate are happy with their selections, the client company hires the candidate as a direct employee. After that transaction is complete, the client company pays the staffing firm a placement fee.

Technology Staffing Company Resources

Along consultant benefits provided to the employees of the staffing companies, they can provide a myriad of other resources to alleviate pain points in the hiring process for candidates.

Once the process of interviewing with a recruiter has begun, they are now able to represent the candidate with a full understanding of their resume, their hard and soft skills, along with their short and long term career goals. All of this information is pertinent to this process as it guides the recruiter into landing the candidates perfect job opportunities.

Staffing companies can also provide training opportunities for career development, resume building opportunities, and assist in interview preparation. All in an effort to get the next best job for the candidate.

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