Jennifer Waldrip ProFocus

Jennifer Waldrip

VP of Client & Talent Services
As VP of Client and Talent Services, Jennifer champions results and growth by leading the sales and delivery teams. Her leadership style prioritizes hiring, training, and developing talent. As part of the Executive Team, she helps develop, oversee, and execute on strategy for key growth initiatives.

Her extensive experience in the staffing business allows her to serve as a liaison between the corporate world and the talent field. Leading multiple markets and lines of business propelled her consulting career, eventually leading her to partner with ProFocus. Before she joined the team as VP, Jennifer worked closely with us in a consulting role with a laser-focus on quality. Her passion for helping others succeed makes her a great addition to the culture at ProFocus.

When she’s not at the office, you can find Jennifer with her family. Her husband and three children make sure that every day is filled with love and a new adventure. A true Oregonian, Jennifer soaks up any sunshine she can get and loves to end her day with a run, walk, or bike ride.

Jennifer and her family are passionate about giving back and serving their communities. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Astoria High School Scholarship Inc and also volunteers at her church teaching youth, and leading self-reliance courses.