Christin Nguyen ProFocus

Christine Nguyen

Talent Operations Director

As our Talent Operations Director, Christine works directly with IT professionals and clients to fill important and specialized needs. She has been providing high quality staffing service since 2014. She carries within her a strong sense of empathy and compassion to serve others. Christine takes pride in her ability to accurately identify and leverage unique individual strengths.

Outside the office, Christine can be found in Troutdale spending time with her fiancé, baby and bunny. They are avid runners and day hikers and enjoy frequent escapes into the nearby Gorge and Cascades.

Christine believes in giving back to the community through volunteer work, focusing on empowering women. On the professional side, she has provided career mentorship and financial advice at the Salvation Army. She is also the founder of a local non-profit women’s hiking group with over 150 members to date.