ProFocus is a Portland based technology staffing company with the following guiding principles:

For Clients

Our goal is to understand your business, your hiring needs, and your culture. Our process is to diligently document this information and use the information to carefully make on-target placements.

For Candidates

At ProFocus Technology, we care about you and your goals. We learn your career objectives and strive to bring you work that gives you happiness. We treat you with a high level of responsiveness and service.

For Internal Team Members

We involve you in the big picture, trust you, allow you to make decisions, and reward you for your contributions.

Our Goal is to build a great company and to be the best technology staffing firm.

Executive Team:

John Boone

John Boone

Founder and President

John founded ProFocus Technology because he loves technology and he wanted to build a great company that provides an integral service to clients. John has 25 years experience in technology.

John’s leadership is focused on building a great company that delivers excellent results for everyone involved. He takes pride in doing an excellent job.

John always does business with integrity and honesty and he makes sure the company is delivering on these principles. He greatly values long term relationships. Clients and consultants are free to call John any time. If a difficultly arises, John works out a solution that is fair for all involved.

John previously co-founded Employment Trends, a very successful Portland based services company that garnered awards including the Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies and the #1 Best Small Company to Work for in Oregon.

John’s technical background includes leading and managing corporate IT for a company with 50 users. In addition, John has designed software, lead software development, and coded applications. Lately, John has learned beginning level Objective-C so that he can understand the iPhone development environment.

John holds an honors degree in Quantitative Economics and Decision Science from the University of California, San Diego. John’s lives in Portland with his wife and 3 children. He likes keeping in shape through weightlifting, running, and biking. John speaks Spanish and enjoys travelling.

Neil Hefty

Neil Hefty

Director of Talent

Neil believes in the vision of building a great company that provides high quality technology services to great companies. Neil has over 7 years experience in technology services.

Neil believes in the working smarter vs. the brute force method, focusing on removing operational and business-process inefficiencies that detract from the value chain, focusing on The Goal as the means to the end.

Neil grew up in Portland, and other than 4 years of undergraduate studies in Ithaca, NY, has spent his entire life in the Portland Metro area, living in Cedar Mill for the last 25 years.

Neil has an intuitive understanding of technologies, a passion for knowledge and understanding, and enjoys learning about the unique business strategies of his clients to bring maximum value to the service.

Neil is a great mentor and leader, and enjoys teaching through learning and learning through teaching.